from the Visual Arts Sector concerning Copyright.

This Spring Copyright Visual Arts Will Become Digital

This Spring, Copyright Visual Arts (formerly CARCC) will launch its new transactional platform with a new corporate website. We believe that you will like our new look and the many new features that will be available to our members. We also believe that the new platform will increase the visibility of members’ art to potential users and the general public.  Here is a brief description.

Canadian Presentation Tour on Copyright

October marks the beginning of presentations across the country on “Copyright for Visual Artists” by our Copyright Agent, Rose Ekins. Thanks to a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, Rose was travelling throughout Ontario in October, giving talks in London, Hamilton, Waterloo and Toronto. In November, Rose has also given presentations in Vancouver, BC.  The     

Social Media

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Presentations to the Copyright Act review Committees

On September 15th, board member David Yazbeck presented to the Standing Committee of Industry, Science and Innovation who are undertaking the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act. On October 5 Co-Chair Paddy Lamb and member artist Grant McConnell  also presented to the Standing Committee of Canadian Heritage. Our presentations focussed on three main items: the fair dealing exception for education, the date restricting the application of the exhibition right and, of course, the introduction of the Artist’s Resale Right.

2018 AGM - New Board Members

Copyright Visual Arts held its Annual General Meeting on September 7, 2018. Representatives of CARFAC and RAAV as well as board members and staff of both associations joined together to review last year’s activities and adopt the financial statements for the 2017-2018 fiscal year ended March 31, 2018.

The Coordinator’s Report mentioned that we are in a more stable place financially ...

A new Copyright Agent

We are pleased to welcome both Rose Ekins and Hélène Pappathomas who work as Copyright Agents in Ottawa and Montréal, respectively. Rose has been in her position since May of this year and Hélène shares her time between Copyright Visual Arts and RAAV.

2017 AGM

Copyright Visual Arts – CARCC held its annual assembly of members in Ottawa on December 10. Representatives of CARFAC and RAAV as well as artists and staff members joined together to review the year’s activities and to adopt the financial statements for fiscal 2016-2017 which ended March 31st.

2017 Payback Distribution

As usual in December Copyright Visual Arts distributed thousands of dollars to Members whose works have been reproduced in books and magazines. These royalties have been collected by our sister society Access Copyright which manages reprographic right. We added to this distribution royalties collected by SAIF in France from….