This Spring Copyright Visual Arts Will Become Digital

    For Artists

Visual and Media Artists will be able to register online and grant us a copyright management mandate. They will be part of the growing group of Canadian and Quebec Artists who trust Copyright Visual Arts for the management of their copyright. Registering as a Member Artist means that we will collect higher fees than the minimums recommended by RAAV and CARFAC on your behalf.

Member Artists will have free access to a new and fantastic tool: the online registration of their creations and the distribution of their images to the Canadian public through our image bank. This image bank, reserved for our members, will offer the possibility to upload photos and descriptions of your works according to prescribed guidelines. The works will be displayed in complete safety and only authoriized, licensed reproduction of the work will be permitted.

For Users

Individuals, organizations and institutions will be able to select works from the image bank and quickly obtain a license. They may also submit an online application to release the rights for exhibitions, reproductions or for advertising purposes and automatically obtain a license for each of their projects. Secure online payment can be available for registered Users.

In addition, our platform will record all transactions made and display them in the personal account of Users as well as in the personal account of the artists whose works they use. The platform will become a useful tool for both artists and users to manage their activities. It will allow them to download a detailed report of their transactions for their financial statements or records.

This Spring, Copyright Visual Arts is bringing good news for Artists and Users of their works. New ways to promote and manage your work, get licenses and administer your transactions using advanced digital tools.

Watch for the news.
The launch of our platform is fast approaching!