Copyright Visual Arts offers a range of services to its members and associates.  Here are a few.  And we will try to help if at all possible in other situations concerning copyright, so please do get in touch.

Contact:  Copyright Visual Arts provides an up-to-date list of its members’ names.  If a potential user is looking to use a copyright, the list is easily consulted and the artist may be contacted by contacting Copyright Visual Arts.  Copyright Visual Arts does not provide contact information to anyone who requests it, rather we will contact the artist concerning the request.

Domestic and international licensing: Copyright Visual Arts’ licences are legal documents that grant permission and set the terms for the use of an artist’s copyright.  Copyright Visual Arts may also negotiate the terms of a proposed licence (say, one from another party that insists on using their own contract).  Generally Copyright Visual Arts’s licences apply to uses in Canada.  Requests for licences applicable outside of Canada may be referred to a sister collective in the country where the use is to take place.  Agreements among copyright collectives allow collectives to represent each others’ affiliates in their respective territories.

Tax receipts: Copyright Visual Arts issues T5 tax receipts to all artists who were paid by Copyright Visual Arts in a calendar year.  The tax receipt gives a total of Royalties from Canadian Sources for the year.  It is generally issued in February.

Distribution of royalties: Copyright Visual Arts distributes royalties to its affiliates that it might receive from other collectives, including reprography royalties, or other royalties for uses of works created by unidentified artists.

Legal defense: Copyright Visual Arts may seek legal counsel and/or services to defend its licences or its members against alleged infringement.  These are serious undertakings and are only initiated if the cases have merit and the costs are not prohibitive.  Copyright Visual Arts will not consider such defense if the alleged infringement occurred before an artist became a member.

Copyright Registration Service: Visual artists who need to have proof of the date of creation of a design or work may register the work with Copyright Visual Arts.  There is a charge associated with the registration. To register your works please use the Copyright Registration Form.

Services for artists’ estates:  Copyright lasts fifty years (in Canada) after the death of an artist, and artists’ estates are often called upon for permissions to use.  Copyright Visual Arts will administer copyright for estates.  Beneficiaries of an affiliate’s estate should register with Copyright Visual Arts by filling out the Warranty form.


There are two ways to affiliate with Copyright Visual Arts. You can become a  Member or an Associate.

Member means an artist who grants Copyright Visual Arts a mandate for the management of all their copyrights as well as their professional services related to projects concerning their Art Works.

Associate Artist means an artist who grants a limited and temporary mandate to Copyright Visual Arts for the management of either their Exhibition Rights,  AND/OR  their Reproduction Rights (including Reprography and Communication by Telecommunications),  AND/OR Reproductions for Advertising AND/OR their Professional Services related to projects concerning their Art Works.

For any question related to your Copyrights and for which you have not found an answer in this web site do not hesitate to contact us.

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